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Previous series:  #blessed

13 August - 24 September

Ever noticed the hashtag #blessed on social media? It's usually associated with success, pleasure or good luck... but in a striking sermon on the hillside we read of Jesus offering “God bless you's” to people feeling like they are in “God-forsaken” situations. In fact, Jesus declares these people are blessed. The beatitudes are counter-cultural and counter-intuitive announcements. And they are good news for you and I today. Don't miss a week of this series that will stretch your understanding of how God is at work in the world and your life.

PREVIOUS series:  Gospel

2 July - 23 July

As the biblical writer Paul nears the end of his life, he writes to Timothy a personal and passionate letter. His priorities in life, faith and ministry are distilled in what he writes. In many ways, this is Paul’s last will and testament. Over the four Sundays of this series, as we study this letter, we will discover that Paul’s words to Timothy are words for us as well. As Paul impresses on Timothy the priorities of his life and ministry so he impresses on us the same priorities. What Paul feels he urgently needs to communicate to his young friend, will be urgently communicated to us also. 

PREVIOUS series:  liquid

28 May - 25 June

We live in a world full of people who are desperately thirsty. They are spiritually dehydrated and they go to all kinds of places in an attempt to have their thirst satisfied. This is the story of humanity. And so Jesus comes along and declares, “...whoever drinks the water I give them, will never thirst, indeed the water I give them will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” Literally, from the first page to the last, this imagery of water is constantly used to reveal God to us.
Join us as we explore what God is teaching us through water.

previous series: Oneing

23 April - 21 May

Human beings are unique… wonderful… and diverse…
our world is strikingly complex.
We are different in countless ways.
We experience this difference on a daily basis.
And yet, in many ways we are also alike… similar… one.
So how do we navigate our difference and our similarity?
Is it possible to find unity amongst our diversity?
And what is God’s heart for us as a whole… as one?

Discover more in the coming weeks as we find out what it means to actively participate in becoming one.

PREVIOUS series:  messy

19 March - 16 April

Life can be very messy. When we read the news, when we sit and explore our own thoughts or when we try to relate to those who are different to us, we are often confronted with that which we cannot order, that which we cannot make sense of or which does not fit the neat and tidy boxes we would like our lives to fit inside. So what do we do with this mess?
This Easter season, you're invited to join us as we explore what it means to acknowledge this mess and discover together what God is doing in the midst of it.

PREVIOUS series:  growing followers

19 February - 12 March

We live in a world where we press a button to get a result. We pull a lever, turn a knob and we expect a certain kind of outcome. Growing as a follower of Jesus doesn't usually work like that. It's not 3 steps and you're done. It requires hard work, patience and the right environments. When Jesus taught, he often used illustrations that involve gardens, plants and seeds. What if this is a better representation of how you & I grow? Join us over the next few weeks as we explore four characteristics of a growing follower.