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7 October - 28 October.

PREVIOUS series:  Flourishing

9 September - 30 September

1 Thessalonians was written by Paul to a very young church that he had established and then been forced to leave while it was still in its infancy. This is a church that has done exceedingly well in a very short time despite lack of the apostle’s presence and the persecution that came upon the believers very quickly. It has an excellent reputation in the region and is continuing in the apostle’s teachings.

Paul affirms the church in Thessalonica for its witness and Paul would want to to affirm us in our work and witness whilst encouraging us to strive toward the future God is preparing.

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15 July - 18 August

In a busy world it can't be hard to prioritise and know the things that are most important. Don't miss a week of this series as we explore the goals and values that God gives us to help ensure we know exactly what the win is.