Rubber hits the road

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Rubberh Hits the Road

What did you do when the earthquake hit?

Jun 28, 2012  |   From the minister  |   David Ratten

On Tuesday evening 20th June, an earthquake hit Melbourne. I don’t want to over-dramatise this event because the earthquake was centered some distance from Melbourne and it was a relatively mild earthquake with very little damage done.  Having said that, it was scary! We don’t get earthquakes in Melbourne and my house was shaking and for all I knew, the roof was about to cave in!  As I reflect on my earthquake experience a couple of things play on my mind: I was totally unprepared to deal with this event. What are you supposed to do in an earthquake anyway? Get under a table or run for your life? In the absence of any knowledge I found myself “frozen” and incapable of doing anything constructive. Nothing could have prepared me for this event. It was random and unexpected. As someone who likes to be in control of my destiny, it reminded me that life can take an unexpected turn at any moment. Be it sickness, an accident, loss of a job or a br…

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