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From time to time, we get a glimpse of a story that we can't help but try to uncover. Within a passing conversation emerges a piece of a story so compelling that we know we need to learn more. And as we do, it becomes clear that this is something we want our community to know about. Stories of what's happening here and abroad. Stories about what living the way of Jesus is all about.

tom's story

Mission trip - indonesia 2014



Not a fan

NickNick shares some of his journey through life including battles with cancer and the journey he is on from fan to follower.

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Philippines trip 2013

bikes-2.jpgSome great reflections on the recent mission trip to the Philippines. The team visited no less than 28 sponsor families from One Community Church.

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Sherwin vs poverty

Sherwin.jpgThe story of Sherwin Mariano is a fantastic example of how One has been involved in making a difference for a person who grew up in a very poor village in the Philippines. A family in One sponsored Sherwin through International Needs and helped him to find a way out of the poverty cycle.
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Haiti trip with compassion

David-Haiti-Thumbnail.gifDavid Ratten, Senior Minister One Community Church, makes a life changing trip with Compassion Australia to the earthquake affected communities in Haiti.
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Life changing surgery

alan-100x100.jpgIn 2008, following my first visit to the Philippines with a team from our church, I asked International Needs Australia to instigate a project to help disadvantaged children to obtain medical aid which their families could not afford.
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running the race

Paul_Burnham_2011.pngPaul Burnham is a member of One Community, is an ordained minister, the current President of Churches of Christ (Vic/Tas) and a former Chaplain to the Melbourne Football Club and Victoria Police. He recently recorded this short interview.
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Trip to India

india.jpgThis is a touching and personal account from Em Jones, member of One Community Church, on a recent trip to India.  Em says "something that really impacted me was the time that I volunteered with the missionaries of charity, in a place called Prem Dan, better known as the house for the dying and destitute."  Here is a snippet directly from Em's journal while on her travels.
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