Fresh Youth Theatre

FRESH Youth Theatre

Fresh Theatre is specifically aimed at secondary school aged young people in the local community. The ‘Fresh’ program acknowledges the needs of young people through utilizing the supportive nature of creative arts in promoting resilience, personal growth, positive self-esteem and a sense of belonging. ‘Fresh Youth Theatre’ aims to provide young people, especially those at risk due to personal issues, difficult family situations or personal crisis, with a safe and supportive environment where they can explore self-expression and learn by participation in creative arts.

“Our aim is to have a positive impact on young people's lives, especially those at risk, by providing them with life long lessons through creative experience.”

Fresh aims to provide a forum for self-expression and social engagement. There is a strong ethos inherent in every FRESH program created. FRESH was founded on the strong belief that effective, resilient and healthy young people are an integral asset to every community. The leadership of FRESH believe in connecting, supporting and building positive relationships with young people. It is because of this belief that the FRESH program has the ability to transform the lives of young people by providing them with the resources within themselves to go out and live amazing, positive and effective lives.


FRESH engages the young people involved in two seasons a year. Each season comprises of an original play created for implementation by the creative team at FRESH and workshopped by the young people involved. Each play addresses a particular theme identified as an issue facing young people in society today. The young people are given the opportunity to engage in the vital questions and messages interactively through the characters they perform and the scenarios the performance engages them in. FRESH also incorporates a time of small and whole group discussions led by the experienced youth workers, secondary teachers and drama educators that are the FRESH Youth Theatre facilitators.

One Community Care runs two FRESH productions each year. Each season runs for approximately 11 weeks and rehearsals are held Tuesdays 4:00pm till 6:30pm.

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