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One year you’re living in your parent’s house, and then next you are in a single room with your friends in a shared house. Studying, working part-time, trying to pay your car insurance. Maybe it’s your first full time job or a first serious relationship. Maybe you are thinking about travelling. At least no one is telling you how to live…but nothing is staying the same. Things are changing.

How do you manage that? Better yet, how do you maintain your connection with God and what’s important when everything else in your life is constantly changing?  Young adults, working adults, those refusing adulthood—there are ways to stay grounded as you find your place.

Our Young Adults Ministry (18-30) exists to engage, encourage and equip people to know Jesus Christ, and to live radically as his disciples – re-centering our lives around the man who was God and who spoke about a life that costs and a faith that is sacrificial. In a culture that is counter commitment and self focused we are about engaging as a community of faith as a spiritual discipline; being caught up into The Biblical Story together and the God that is bigger than ourselves.

A person’s ability to connect is always dependent on the relationships they build. Relationship is a strong value primarily expressed through our Young Adult Connect Groups and fortnightly gathering known as 'The Mine'. We also provide a number of casual opportunities to build connection including dinner events after church and other social gatherings.

Many young adults choose to be part of our 6pm service.

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