Project Joshua

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The regular funding provided by One Community Church (OCC) is an enormous support to former sponsor child and CEO Sherwin, and his team, at Vineyard Of His Grace Ministries in The Philippines.  The establishment of a new mission and development organisation is an incredibly challenging task and without the faithful assistance of OCC, Vineyard’s growth and achievements over the last 12 months would not have been possible.  Facilitated through International Needs Australia (INA), INA is committed to standing with Sherwin so that the impact of Vineyard can move from strength to strength.  Of course, only through the commitment of groups such as OCC can such aspirations be realized.

OCC also supports International Needs Child Sponsorship program and Kids Way directly sponsors Filipino girl Mary who benefit s from a range of financial, social, spiritual and physical supports.  Mary’s family also benefits through the reduction in financial burden and the community mobilisation brought about by the Vineyard sponsorship program. Members of OCC individually sponsor approximately 100 children in The Philippines. Most recently, communities have be trained in the protection of children, made aware of threats to safety and well-being and been provided with strategies to keep children safe through the program. 

One Community Church’s commsupport of Project Joshua enables children with severe physical impairments to access life-changing medical and surgical interventions.  The cases currently under management include children with cleft palates, children with hernias and children requiring reconstructive surgery.  OCC’s funding of this project enables more children to be able to live life to the full.

One Community Church also provides support to other areas of INA’s mission and development program such as the recent funding for the Ghana Women’s Empowerment Project (formerly the Trokosi Slaves project).  This project works to combat violence and other human-rights abuses against vulnerable rural women and provides them with the skills and training needed to improve their lives and those of their children.

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