Prison Network Ministries

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS…Volunteers make an extraordinary and valuable contribution to Australian society and here at Prison Network Ministries (PNM). We are incredibly blessed to have the most wonderful people on our team, who see volunteering as a calling by God to share His unconditional love, hope, grace and compassion to the women and families we serve through this vital ministry.

Currently we have almost 50 people dedicating their time and talents to our various programs including our regular Craft, Sports, Fun With Mum, Christian Discussion Group and Sunday Live programs run at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre in Deer Park.

They come from all walks of life, cultural diversity and backgrounds, but at the very core of the heart of each of our volunteers is a huge love for God and for people. The outworking of this is the desire to see lives transformed from brokenness to wholeness and restoration of individuals and families for the building of a better future.

I am often overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord as I watch our loyal   volunteers serve in an environment that can be highly challenging and at times intense. I was reading recently snippets of the life of Mother Teresa and was touched by the thought, that while she couldn't do everything to meet the daunting needs in her world, she could do something. I love that our volunteers see themselves as someone who can do something!

Of the 50 PNM volunteers a number belong to One Community and regularly support the ministry of PNM through their programs.