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One Kids

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One Kids is our children's program that runs in conjunction with our Sunday morning service at One. We believe that this time together provides a great opportunity for us to journey with children and help them explore their faith and build relationships with others who share a similar faith journey.  

Our One Kids Creche program is a wonderful time for our youngest members of the church to have fun and enjoy their experience of church. Our fabulous purpose-built and wonderfully equipped facilities, together with our dedicated team of volunteers who nurture and care for the kids, help every single child feel a sense of belonging and safety. Age-appropriate Bible stories and worship songs are always fun and engaging!

For those in Kindergarten (3 Y/O and 4 Y/O) and Prep, our program is simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God for the whole month. We provide opportunities for kids to talk to God and help them learn that they can do that any time, any place.

Our Sunday Primary School aged program is divided into two parts – small group and large group.  Every week in large group the kids hear about a bible story – we use props, costumes, characters from the stories, anything to make the Bible come to life!  In small groups the children hang out with the same kids and the same leaders every week.  Small group time is where they chat about the Bible stories and how they fit into their life, which is so important in helping every child grow in relationship with God and with others.

As a child grows they are faced with many changes and uncertainties in their life. Our One Kids program is designed to get kids connected so they have the best chance of establishing relationships that are going to matter when they really need it most and to learn that in all the changes and uncertainties in life, God’s truth never changes.  At One Kids, children learn that we have a really big God we can trust no matter what!