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One of the best ways that you can experience a sense of community is by being a part of a small group or as we call them “Connect Group”. But what makes a Connect Group a Connect Group?  How do you know what you are committing to when you become a part of a Connect Group?


We use the term “Connect Group” because we see these groups as a primary point of connection to our church community. Each group is different but they are all have the same purpose and build connection through the following:

  • To love God through prayer and worship and to love each other, connecting through mutual care and encouragement;
  • To learn from God’s word by studying the bible but also by connecting through each other’s experiences and personal stories;
  • To serve each other with the knowledge and understanding of how God’s Spirit has gifted us differently; and
  • To reach out to others beyond the group by having an open heart and a mindset that allows others to connect to our church community by joining the group.


When we link you to a Connect Group we take care to understand your personal needs and situation. This includes your preferences for when the group might meet and the time of the week.  Also the age and interests of the group as it relates to you. Our groups have trained leaders that are supported to have an open mindset. Connect Groups are committed to seeing the newcomer in our community being connected through authentic relationships. If you try a group and it doesn’t work initially, a referral can be made to another group according to your needs.


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